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Zydeco Bar Mexico City Celebrates One Year

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Mexico City, Mexico

June, 2006


With a menu designed and developed by Chef Don Bergeron, The Zydeco Bar in Mexico City recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.


The Zydeco Bar was born out of a chance meeting about two years ago when Chef Bergeron was cooking south of the border. He was approached by two restaurateurs to discuss the possibility of doing a Louisiana themed bar and restaurant in Mexico City. After meeting Chef Bergeron and of course, sampling his food, the two hired him to assist as a culinary consultant for their new venture.


A tour was arranged for them to eat at restaurants both big and small across South Louisiana to discover what Cajun & Creole dishes would work best in Latin America. After a food tasting in Chef Bergeron’s kitchen, the deal was set. The entire menu was developed and designed based on Chef Bergeron’s own recipes. He then flew to Mexico City several times to train the staff and open the new restaurant, dubbed Zydeco Bar Mexico City. Over the last year, the restaurant was personally monitored for quality control by Chef Bergeron who even ships real Louisiana brand products such as Rex Foods and Zatarain’s in order to maintain authenticity.


“This place is true to Louisiana, not only in its authentic food, but the atmosphere is one big party,” said Chef Bergeron. “They have great music and there always seems to be some reason to throw a party. I congratulate my friends on their venture and am glad to be a part of their success.”


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